Cloud / Online Bookkeeping Software

Typical cost

Our cloud bookkeeping packages are available from £15 per month and are all offered at discounted rates compared to the normal RRP prices.

We do support desktop based software (such as Sage 50) however most software providers are now focused on their cloud based solutions.  Cloud software has many benefits over desktop versions, as follows:

  • No need to network or install software, it's available on any PC/Laptop/Tablet with an internet connection.

  • Multiple users are easy to add and usually don't cost any extra.

  • No need to maintain a sever or worry about backing up your data.

  • Send invoices and manage your bookkeeping on the go via smartphone apps.

  • Access your data from anywhere in the world providing you have an internet connection

  • Import bank/PayPal transactions automatically each day - saving valuable time!

The main online software providers we use are as follows:

FreeAgent ( - from £18 per month

A more basic, but extremely user friendly and speedy software.  FreeAgent was originally developed for IT contractors so is more suited to this sort of business but it good for anyone who has limited experience in bookkeeping due to it's user friendly interface.

Xero ( - from £20 per month

The market leader in cloud based software. Xero is very powerful and contains some really clever features.  This software is excellent for larger business that may have foreign currency or which to monitor projects or jobs.  It is also excellent for charities that wish to monitor their restricted funds. 

QuickBooks ( - from £15 per month

In our opinion QuickBooks offers the best of both worlds, while not quite as refined as Xero or as user friendly as FreeAgent it's a great price with excellent functionality. 

SageOne ( - from £20 per month

Sage dominated the small business desktop software market for many years with Sage 50 however they were slow to release an online solution and when they did it was underdeveloped, slow and generally difficult to use.  As a result accountants have become more familiar with Xero or QuickBooks which has resulted in them gaining a strong foothold in the cloud market.


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