Click on the items relevant to you to find out what to send us so we can prepare your return.

Self Employed (or in a Partnership)

You will need to send us the following:

  • A summary income and expenditure (a spreadsheet is preferred!)
  • Sales & Purchase Invoices / Receipts
  • Business bank (or PayPal) statements or a csv/excel download from your bank
  • CIS statements (construction industry scheme only)
  • A record / estimate of your business mileage or business use % of car (if applicable)
Not all of the above will be applicable to everyone so if you are unsure please contact us.

Property Income

If you receive rental income from property, please send us:

  • A summary of your rental income received
  • Expenses paid, including:
    • Mortgage INTEREST from your annual mortgage statement
    • Repairs / Service Charges / Maintenance / Ground Rent
    • Insurance
    • Utilities
  • If you sold a property that wasn’t your main home and made a capital gain you will need to declare this, we will need the sale price, purchase price, enhancement costs, legal costs, history of property (dates when rented / lived in etc.)

Employment (PAYE)

If you had a PAYE job but need a tax return because you have other income, please send us:

  • Your P60 (or P45 if you left during the year)

  • Your P11D form (if you receive any employer benefits e.g. a company car or medical insurance)

  • Student Loan Deductions (if applicable)

Investment Income (typically Interest or Dividends)

If you have investments which pay you income (usually in the form of Interest or Dividends) please provide us with:

  • Interest Certificates from your bank (you can usually download these online if you can’t locate)
  • Or bank statements showing interest earned in the tax year
  • Dividend Vouchers if you hold shares
  • If you have a managed portfolio you should receive a ‘Consolidated tax certificate’ summarising all income

Pension Income

This includes state pension, private pensions and any lump sums. Please send us:

  • Your annual P60
  • P45 if you were paid a lump sum
  • Annual letter for state pension showing amount payable per week (or tell us the amount received)

Limited Company Director / Shareholder (owner)

If we prepare your Limited Company accounts, you won’t usually need to provide us with any additional information. If we do not, please provide us with:

  • P60 showing any directors salary paid & P11D (if applicable) (see employment section)
  • Dividend Vouchers for amounts paid during the tax year (see investment income section)

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